Celtic Rosary was born of a desire to gift a beloved relative with a rosary. The recipient was someone who always said that they needed nothing else in this world. Every time you'd give her a gift, you'd see someone else with it a few weeks later. That's when we knew that a rosary was the perfect item...however, easier said than done. It felt like we combed the universe looking for just the right piece. Most of what we saw was mass produced and devoid of any character or evidence of hand. The rosaries were glossy, slick, and quite honestly, tacky. We were disappointed to be sure. We even looked in Ireland and were even more let down by poorly made rosaries which catered to the tourist trade. But just when the hour seemed the darkest, inspiration and a means appeared...(read on below)

Our Story

Two things were strongly in our favor. The first was our background in the arts, and our crafty and "hands-on" attitude. The second and most fortuitous was the fact that we lived in the oldest and most well established jewelry manufacturing area in the entire country. Alas, many of the old jewelry concerns had shut down and gone overseas but there were still many fine craftspeople more than willing to share their knowledge with us. Thus our journey into creating Celtic Rosary began.

Here at the studio, we are dedicated to using simple, yet quality materials. We work exclusively in sterling silver and use semi-precious stone along with fire polished glass to create prayer beads that are organic and alive. We're very aware of the "feel" and weight of a set of beads in the hand. With each rosary that are designed, we consider intent and accept all guidance that comes our way! All of this within the context of a Celtic consciousness. Welcome to our site. Thanks very much for the opportunity to serve you.



Lovely Glendalough